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Photo Competition Guidelines

How to enter

Do you have a photo that you think could be ScoutNet UK Photo of the Month? Why not e-mail it to Colour photos only and preferably in 24-bit TIFF format. Other formats such as JPEG and GIF are acceptable and if in doubt just send us the scanned photo and we will let you know if there are any problems.

If you don't have access to a scanner, simply post your photograph to ScoutNet UK by snail mail. Please e-mail us for an address.

The kind of photos we are looking for feature Scouts (preferably in uniform) doing fun and interesting Scouting things. The pictures should be in focus and bright but if your photo is interesting or has a good story behind it then don't worry if it is less than perfect. Look through the previous entries if you want to know what we like. We may also use your entries for the Scouting Photo Gallery or other parts of ScoutNet UK.

When sending photos to Photo of the Month please include the following details:

We may edit this information for the purpose of presenting it clearly. We may also modify photographs by cropping them and adjusting the colour balance so they can be seen more clearly. If you don't like what we do then just let us know and we will change it.


This competition is all about showing the public what Scouting is like by highlighting through a picture and an associated anecdote the fun and experiences Scouts have in the variety of activities they do. This collection will illustrate the aims of the Scout Movement being fulfilled.


We want to make sure that we have permission to use the pictures you send in. If you took the photo and you send it to us we will assume that you are giving us your permission to use your photo on the ScoutNet UK web site. If someone else took the photograph then please ask their permission before sending us the photo. The copyright of the photo will remain with the original owner.


The personal privacy, safety and best interests of the subjects of the photos in this collection is important to us in the same way a Scout Leader will care about his or her Scouts. We aim to work to the same standards and ethos of a real Scout Group, in particular we do these things for the benefit of the Scouts. The wide reach of the Internet and the potential longevity and adaptability of any published content makes it different from other publishing media. This means we must take particular care. Whilst this collection of photographs is important as a historical document this is not our primary concern. We intend to work with our contributors to the following standards:

If you have any comments about our privacy policy please let us know by contacting the photo competition at or our central contact point of

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