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The ScoutNet UK Scouting Quiz No.33

Welcome to this months ScoutNet UK Scouting Quiz! The monthly quiz aimed to find out just how much you now about your organisation

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1. Which part of a flag is nearest the staff?
The Fly
The Hoist
The Head

2. When does a ship fly a yellow flag?

When leaving port
when needing assistance
when it has infectious disease aboard

3. Which country has a flag which is not rectangular?

4. Which country has a flag which if flown upside down is the flag of another country?

5. Which of the following countries does not have red on its flag?

6. If you see a red flag on a beach, what does it mean?
safe to swim
not safe to swim
award for clean water

7.ter">award for clean water

7. On what side of the troop flag should the Union flag be when carried marching?
In front
to the left
to the right

8. In what year where the Scottish and English flags united to form the national flag?

9. How would you know if the Queen was in residence?
The Union Flag would be flying
The flag of the Guards on duty would be flying
The royal standard would be flying

10. If you were at a Jamboree and saw a national flag being hoisted what would you do?
tell your friends
stand alert
salute it

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