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The ScoutNet UK Scouting Quiz No.39

Welcome to this months ScoutNet UK Scouting Quiz! The monthly quiz aimed to find out just how much you now about your organisation

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1. What is Pemmican?
Dried Meat pressed into cakes
A vegetable
A cooking utensil

2. What is a prismng utensil

2. What is a prismatic compass?
A compass only marked with Ordinal points
A compass with the disc marked in degrees
A compass which will work even if near a magnet

3. What expedition was led by Old Scout Thor Heyerdahl?
North pole
South pole

4. What is meant by boxing the compass?
Putting it away after an expedition
Getting cross when you are lost, and throwing it away
Naming all 32 points in order and backwards

5. In the Southern Hemisphere what constellation would help you find direction?
Great Bear
North Star
North Star
Southern Cross

6. Who gave Youlbury Scout camp to the Scouts?
Lord Baden-Powell
Lady Baden-Powell
Sir Arthur Evans

7. What did Sir Arthur Evans discover?
Scouts in Russia
Archaeological evidence of the great civilisation of Crete
Terracotta warriors

8. What is a back-bearing?
A compass bearing derived from reading the compass then revolving through 180 degrees
A compass bearing back to where you came from
DIrection determined from the point observed to the observer

9. Which 3 men were the first to orbit the earth in space?

Gagarin, Armstrong, Aldrin
Gagarin, Titov, Aldrin
Gagarin, Titov, Glenn

10. In which county would you be if you stayed at Hag Dyke Scout Hostel?

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