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The ScoutNet UK Scouting Quiz No.41

Welcome to this months ScoutNet UK Scouting Quiz! The monthly quiz aimed to find out just how much you now about your organisation

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1. A Yarborough is?
a river in the Yorkshire Dales
A felt hat worn by Huntsmen
a hand of 13 playing cards with no card higher than 9

2. Manzilla is?
a kind of dry sherry
an expensive kind of fur
an island of the coast of Spain

3. St James' Infirmary is?
a hospital for lepers
a blues tune
a flower that grows on chalk cliffs

4. Penny-royal is?
a kind of mint formally used in medicine
a stamp issued in QUeen VIctorias's reign
a flag flown by yachts

5. Van Dieman's land is?
a mountain on the moon
part of the human brain
a musical composition by Benjamin Britten

6. A Yaffle is?
a dish made from curds and whey
A woodpecker
an Indonesian fruit

7. Muckleflugger is?
the most northerly island in the shetlands
a food made principally from boiled seaweed
a Danish game played by schoolboys

8. Master of the Rolls is?
The legal dignitary next to the Lord Chief Justice
The President of the Baker's Union
chairman of the records of Somerset house

9. Black rod is?
a form of punishment in prisons
a Court Official who summons the House of Commons to the House of Lords
a disease which attacks beans

10. Derbyshire Gritstones are?
a kind of smokeless coal
a breed of blackfaced sheep
slates used foor roof ing in Derbyshire

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