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The ScoutNet UK Scouting Quiz No.57

Welcome to this months ScoutNet UK Scouting Quiz! The monthly quiz aimed to find out just how much you now about your organisation

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1. Why does a compass needle point north?
It always points away from the sun
The earth is like a magnet and needle points to the north pole
Because of the pull of the 2 nearest planets

2. Why does mercury rise in a thermometer?
It rises when air pressure drops
it rises as air pressure rises
It increases in volume when the temperature rises

3. How does blood circulate around the body?
By movement of the body
It is pumped by the heart
It flows from the lungs as you breathe

4. We hear an echo when ...
Sound is bounced back from an object
we are in a cave
Everything is silent

5. How do insects breathe?
Through their noses
Through their mouths
Through hspiracles">Through holes known as spiracles

6. Why do we hear a radio?
Sound signals are transmitted through space
We switch it on
We plug it in

7. Why can we see distant objects better with a telescope?
The image is compressed though a small opening
A lens magnifier produces a magnified image
It brings them nearer

8. Why does a candlewick continue to burn?
It is enclosed in a cylinder of wax
It is made from special meterial
The wick is saturated in paraffin

9. How is water from a fire engine propelled to a great height?
by extending the hosepipe
By a pump on the engine
by adjusting the nozzle

10. Why do balloons filled with helium rise?
Helium is lighter than air
Helium is a very energetic gas
Helium propels them

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