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The ScoutNet UK Scouting Quiz No.7

Welcome to the seventh ScoutNet UK Scouting Quiz! The monthly quiz aimed to find out just how much you now about your organisation

This months quiz is aimed at all sections, and is about our founder Baden Powell.

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1. What are our Founders given names?
Robert Stephenson Smythe
Robert Smith Stephenson
Robert Stephenson SmithRobert Stephenson Smith

2. Which school did Baden-Powell go to?

3. Baden-Powell left school to become what?
A teacher
An acountant
A soldier

4. Baden-Powell spent most of his career in Great Britain, India and Africa, but he spent some time in which Mediteranean Island?

5. In the late 1890's Baden-Powell was sent to South Africa to...?
... set up a police force
... report on the gold reserves
... mine for diamonds

6. What made Mafeking (Mafikeng) so important?
Rich mineral deposits
It was on the railway
Rich agricultural land

7. How long were the British besieged there?
7 months
8 months
9 months

8. When Baden-Powell returned, he was a national hero, but he found one of his books being read by boys, which one was it?
Aids to Scouting
Adventures as a Spy
Scouting for Boys

9. In 1929 at Arrowe Park Coming of age jamboree was presented with a Rolls Royce, a Caravan, and a portrait, along with the item he had asked for, what was that?
A walking stick
A camera
A pair of braces

10. In which year did Baden Powell die?
1 1946

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