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i_web(1).gif (2988 bytes) Join in with ScoutNet UK's quizzes, have your say in the Voting Centre, publicise your Scouting event in the Events Calendar, sew your badge onto our Virtual Campfire Blanket.......
Loads of quizzes now available for you on-line, try your skill and see how well you get marked. Why not print them out to use at your Scouting night ?

Virtual Camp Blanket

The ultimate in high-tech. Send us a badge to "stitch on" to our blanket.


Discover the exciting world of Scouting newsgroups
ScoutNet UK Scrapbook
Send us a picture or a report and we'll try and stick it in our scrapbook

UK Message Centre

Leave a message in our message centre or try and help someone else's query

UK Crossword

Try our crossword, not quite as hard as the one in "The Times"

UK Connect 4 Game

This is REALLY hard to beat and VERY addictive

UK Voting Booth

Have YOUR say on some hot topics

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