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Photo of the Month - August 2000

"No one was hurt in taking this photo" so says Simon Sheard of Moose VSU, Holme Valley, West Yorks. The quick with his camera photographer was Chris Palmer
This happened on the Venture pancake evening back in February this year. All it took was a hot frying pan, some Jif lemon juice and one crazy Venture Scout.
Aug '00 Photo of the Month 12 Kbytes

A hot frying pan, some Jif lemon and one crazy venture scout

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This is a fairly mild example of what happens when you put something like water, fruit juice in this case, on to hot fat. The fat is so hot the water turns to steam and throws the fat into the air in small droplets that easily catch fire. The fireball caused, when this happens to a frying pan or chip pan contents, can cause disfiguring and possibly fatal burns to anyone nearby.
The first thing to do here is to stand back. Never try to put a fire like this out by throwing water onto it. You've already seen what happens when you throw water onto a frying pan! Call for help. Get that fire blanket you keep in the kitchen and throw it over the fire. You do keep a fire blanket in the kitchen don't you? If you don't have a fire blanket then wet a teatowel, wring out the excess water and throw that over the fire. As soon as it is safe, turn off the burner or the whole stove at the main switch or gas valve. If you don't think you could put the fire out safely then just walk away and get help.

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