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Photo of the Month - August 1997

Water activities is the theme for August. Even though those lakes and reservoirs can look inviting at this time of year they can still be freezing cold. So always wear your life jacket when out on the water.

Norman J. MacLeod of Troop 632 Boy Scouts of America, Dover, Delaware sent in these two pictures which make a good pair so I won't split them. Now its over to Norman for his commentary on the piccies

Both of these photos were taken during the 632 Dover (Delaware) summer camp at the Haliburton Scout Reserve in Ontario, Canada. last summer (1996). The overall activity is the Haliburton Regatta, which is a camp-wide competition held weekly.

AugustPhoto of the Month

In-and-Out Canoe Race

The first photo is from the In-and-Out Canoe Race, where two of the 632nd's Scouts (Aaron and Ben) are in the process of getting out of the canoe. Ben is doing the "Flying Frog" routine, while Aaron is trying his best to walk upon the waters (which were slightly above ice cube temperature).

AugustPhoto of the Month

Queen Boat Race

The second picture is from the Queen Boat Race, where Scout Groups compete against each other. The 632nd were teamed up with a French-speaking Group of Les Scouts from Ontario (the camping neighbours of the Dover Troop), who won the competition for the week (without the benefit of prior practice) against a tough competitor whose crew ahd been practicing all week!

Find out more about Troop 632 Dover, Delaware on their web site which are part of the Gaelic Wolf Scouting Pages.

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