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Photo of the Month - July 2001

Every photo that is sent into the competition is kept on file for future use if it isn't used straight away. These pictures were sent in by Geoff Rhodes, of the 8th/14th Epsom Air Scouts, but unfortunately I had lost the accompanying email that told me about the camp they were taken on. However we were having such a great run of sunny weather in July that I could not resist using the photos because even though it was taken on a summer's day two years past it would remind you of the June and July of 2001. Since then Geoff has got back in touch (11th August 2001) with more details and after a reminder from Geoff I have eventually (2nd March 2002) got around to updating this page.
These are the 8th/14th Epsom Air Scouts at Summer Camp 1999 at Ridge Farm near Wareham, Dorset. The "wet" photo was on the first Sunday, which was the hottest day of the year. Patrol Leader Paul was more than happy to have just received a bucket-full from his best mate Kevin!

July '01 (A)  Photo of the Month A 15 Kbytes

Cooling off in the hot weather!

This is obviously a well organised Scout Group with the matching casual wear for the Leaders and Scouts.
In the group photo we are actually wearing our ROYAL BLUE tee-shirts. We are an RAF recognised Air Scout Group. Note the RAF Pennant below the Union Flag on the flagpole.

July '01 (B)  Photo of the Month A 18 Kbytes

8th/14th Epsom Air Scouts at Summer Camp 1999 at Ridge Farm near Wareham, Dorset

Geoff (the self described fat grey-haired one left of centre) finishes off with an update on his own role in Scouting.
I passed over the job of SL at the end of last year in order to take on a more pedestrian position with the Group. I am also a DSL and HQ Specialist Adviser for Air Scouting.

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