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Photo of the Month - November 1997

Mike Davis from the 1st Douglas Scouts on the Isle Man went to Lough Dan '97 in Eire (Ireland) with his scouts during the first week of August and found the weather wet and the camp site a bit muddy. Mike actually sent me a couple of other photos but when I went and looked at his web site I found this one and I couldn't resist asking if I could use it instead. There is something in this photo which many Scouts will recognize as being just the way things are on a Scout Camp. Whatever the weather there is always something to do. It snows so lets build an igloo, its windy so we'll make kites, its rainy and muddy so lets go mud skiing! It seems kind of obvious when you look at it like that. Errrm? It is isn't it?

November '97 Photo of the Month

Mud Skiing in August (Only in Ireland)

Scouting in the Isle of Man is alive and well. The evidence can be found at the 1st Douglas Scouts own website. You will find more pictures from the Lough Dan '97 camp; hints, tips and ideas for camp fires; and pointers to information about the Isle of Man.

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