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Photo of the Month - October 1999

Tim O'Brien sent in this photo he took which features a Scout called Colm wearing a "Hall's Soothers" hat which gives me an excuse for telling the following joke...

A barley sugar boiled sweet goes into a cafe and orders a diet cola, then he says out loud, "I will fight anyone here". Everyone in the cafe stay in their corner, quietly, even the Polo Mint doesn't rise to the bait. The barley sugar, having been unchallenged, sits at the table in the middle feeling very sure of himself.

A bit later a Hall's Soother comes into the cafe and orders an Orange Tango. "I'll fight anyone here", he shouts out. Everyone remains quite, including the barley sugar. Eventually the Hall's Soother finishes his drink and leaves. The cafe owner then says to the barley sugar, "I thought you were hard?".

"I may be hard", replied the barley sugar, "but he's menthol!".

Back to the photo, here is Tim's description...

This is a photo of Scout Colm of the 9th Cork Troop, Bandon, Co.Cork. It was taken on Sunday 13th June during a troop week-end camp. Colm is the original hyper-active Scout so the troop devised this method of keeping him quiet for a short time. They buried him standing up in the sand.
Oct '99 Photo of the Month 14 Kbytes

Colm is up to his neck in it

Here is a link to to the official Association page of Scouting Ireland CSI.
I'm glad to see that despite his troubles, Colm is still wearing his neckerchief.

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